Electrical Injuries in South Georgia

Electrical accidents are much more common than you may realize and can be catastrophic. In fact, electrocutions are the cause for a high rate of workplace deaths. Industries use electricity and workers are exposed to it, so there is always the possibility of an electrical injury due to short circuits or use of machinery or devices. At the top of the list for risk of electrical accidents are electricians, linemen, and construction workers.

The aftermath of …an electrical accident and its accompanying injuries can be devastating. The injured worker may not survive their injuries and their family will be able to file a workers’ compensation claim for death benefits. If you were electrocuted and were fortunate enough to survive, you are going to be facing a lot of physical and mental challenges while recovering. Those challenges often include the injured worker being forced to miss a substantial amount of time from work while going through long-term treatment or even dealing with a life-long disability.

Most often, immediate and extensive medical care will be required. Some of the more common injuries resulting from electrocution are heart attack, internal and external burns, organ damage or failure, and damage to the nerves, tissues, and muscles.

OSHA recognizes electricity as a serious workplace hazard. Employers in Douglas, Georgia and surrounding counties are legally obligated to take all necessary precautions to prevent electrical injuries and deaths. If such an injury occurs, workers’ compensation coverage is available to provide medical and wage benefits and, in the case of a death, death benefits.

Bruce obtained Georgia’s largest workers’ compensation settlement ($6,370,000.00) on behalf of a young man that sustained electrical injuries while working on power lines. Bruce wants to help you and your loved ones in your time of need, too! Call today for a free and confidential consultation, 912-384-5700.

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