Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Do You Potentially Have a Workers Comp Claim

There are many factors that can contribute to the onset of Carpal Tunnel. One common factor being the overuse or repetitive movement of your hand or wrist. If you have a job that requires exaggerated use of your hand or wrist and the wear and tear causes a repetitive stress injury, you may have a workman’s compensation claim! Repetitive stress injuries are often caused by things we do in the workplace such as typing, bar code scanning (for instance: at a cash register), food preparation (cutting, slicing, kneading), assembly line work, writing, sewing, and playing musical instruments, among others.

Carpal tunnel can cause wrist pain and/or numbness or tingling in your hand or arm. Employers are starting to take preventative measures to reduce these types of injuries. However, some preventative measures are too little too late and many still develop painful symptoms as a result of the repetitive nature of their work. Depending on the severity of the pain, employees may temporarily, or permanently, be unable to continue doing the job they were performing prior to developing Carpal Tunnel. In such a case that you suffer from this condition on the job and it is preventing you from performing your work, you may have a potential workers comp claim.

The process of receiving workman’s compensation for Carpal Tunnel can be more complicated than other injuries because Carpal Tunnel develops over time and is not a result of a single event. Nevertheless, a work-place injury is still a work place injury. Do not neglect collecting your worker’s compensation simply because you are unfamiliar with the process. Every state has some differences in their workman’s compensation laws. But an attorney in your state who is familiar with the local laws can help you through the process. While an attorney will not be able to help your physical pain, they can help you so that you do not suffer financial distress in addition to the injury.

If you are suffering, don’t feel like you are alone. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, repetitive motion injuries resulted in the longest absences from work in 2002. Repeated trauma to your body over time causes nerve damage that is often irreversible. Surgery is an option, and with more than 230,000 operations performed each year, CTS is the second most-common type executed by surgeons.

The Bruce Edwards Law Firm has built a reputation in Douglas, Georgia as an honest and dedicated worker’s compensation attorney. We have helped numerous clients in the area get the compensation they need from job-related injuries without all the headache of going through the red tape. Call us today at 912-384- 5700 and let us represent you.

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