Common Problems with Workers’ Comp Claims


For many employers, the workers’ compensation claim process happens behind the scenes. Most transactions between the insurance company and an injured employee take place without the employer knowing. However, there are many problems that occur during the claim process that have an impact on the employer’s program and pricing. Keep reading to find out some of these common problems that occur when dealing with a workers compensation claim.

Improper Claim Reporting

Despite a business’ size, they should always establish some form of claim reporting procedure in order to gain a better understanding of hazards. Many employees do not know how to properly report a claim, who to report it to, or what to do if they are injured on the job. In order to ensure proper claim reporting, be sure to have guidelines in place for your employees.

Late Reporting

Some employers delay reporting a claim to their insurance, this is a practice that should NEVER be followed. Late reporting of a claim may occur because of some idea that maybe the claim wasn’t proper, or that the cost is low so the employer will pay it themselves. When a claim report is delayed, it takes the ability to properly investigate the claim away from the insurance company.

Failure to have Claims Reviewed

Any workers compensation claim should be reviewed. A claim review should include verification of the validity of the claim.

No Return to Work Program

An employer’s number one goal should be to get their employee healthy and back to work as soon as possible. A Return to Work program can help get an injured worker back in with a step-down position with the company, which will keep them involved and reduce the overall claim cost.

Invalid Claims

Invalid claims are a very common problem. An invalid claim is a claim that is processed when in fact it was not valid at all. This is most common for employers in states where a statute does not require the claim to arise “primarily” from employment.

Managing a workers compensation claim can be handled. It primarily comes down to two things: providing a safe workplace for your employees and reducing the amount of money that is paid out to people when a claim occurs. Over time and with discovery, you will be able to get a better handle of your worker’s compensation claim situation which leads to an overall better work environment.

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