Dealing with a Rotator Cuff Injury

A shoulder injury is a common one in the workplace due to overuse. This type of trauma may develop gradually with stress. Recovery can be extensive and painful. If you are involved in this type of injury, there are a few things you should know:

Report your injury

It is important to report any injury at your workplace whether it is your fault or not. Make sure to turn in a report to the Human Resources Department and follow up with your immediate supervisor.

Visit the right medical provider

Each corporation has a designated place they require you to go if you get hurt on the job. However, if it is an emergency, the ambulance will take you to the nearest hospital.

Tell the doctor or hospital you were injured on the job

When you normally visit the doctor or the emergency room, there are forms to fill out and any accident at your place of employment is not any different. When inputting your paperwork, make sure to mark that it was a work-related injury. If it is not filled out correctly, unfortunately, you may get billed instead.

Make sure your medical records include everything about your injury

Your medical history should specify the circumstances surrounding the impairment you obtained. If you or the medical professionals do not list each body part, many times workers’ compensation will not pay for it.

Ask your employer to explain its workers’ compensation coverage

Each corporation has a policy and procedures manual with informative information about their workers’ compensation. Make sure you read it thoroughly and if you have any questions pertaining to it, retain legal representation that has your best interest at heart.

If your establishment says it’s your fault, it just might be wrong

Workers compensation is a no-fault insurance, so you are covered whether you caused the accident or not. However, if you decided to mess around and hurt yourself, you may not be covered.

Stay sober at work

Each time there is an employee incident, most businesses require a drug and alcohol test. If it comes back that there was trace evidence of either in your system, your claim can be denied.

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