Signs of Brain Injuries After a Car Accident


Signs of Brain Injuries After a Car Accident

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When most people think of concussions, they think of football injuries. However, car crashes are the leading cause of brain injuries, with concussions being among the top five most common car crash injuries. A concussion is the result of the brain banging against the skull, which may occur due to impact such as the banging of the head against the windshield, steering wheel, or headrest, or simply from sudden and unnatural jerking of the head without any impact against outside objects. Signs of a concussion include vomiting, severe nausea, headaches, and disorientation.

Concussions are not the only form of brain trauma caused by car accidents. You should be aware of other signs related to brain injuries so that a doctor can be notified immediately when symptoms present themselves.


Cognitive Signs


Brain injuries may result in cognitive deficits of the memory, understanding, and concentration areas of the brain. Amnesia may set in as either a long-term or temporary outcome of brain injury. Crash victims may also present with confusion and difficulty thinking and understanding. They may find it hard to recognize common objects or concentrate on normal tasks.


Behavioral Signs


Behavioral symptoms of a brain injury include anything out of the ordinary for a particular person. An increase in crying or laughing, aggression, impulsiveness, or irritability may be signs of brain injury. Other symptoms include a lack of restraint or a persistent repetition of words or actions.


Mood Signs


In addition to an increase of aggression or irritability, those with traumatic brain injuries may present with unusual depression, anxiety, loneliness, or apathy. While it is normal to feel emotions of anger or anxiety following a crash if these symptoms persist it is important to see a physician to rule out any brain injury.


Sensory Signs


Brain injuries affect a person’s senses, especially a person’s vision, and taste. Blurred vision, sensitivity to light and sound, a ringing in the ears, and persistent bad tastes may be indicators of a brain injury.


Other Common Signs


Vomiting, slurred speech, lack of control over a person’s arms and legs, persistent headaches, unequal or dilated pupils, dizziness, fatigue, and blackouts are also common signs of brain injuries.


Brain Injuries in Children


Children with brain injuries tend to have similar symptoms as adults; however, they may have a harder time understanding or expressing their symptoms. Symptoms in a child or infant can include:

  • Persistent crying or irritability
  • Changes in eating habits
  • An inability to be comforted
  • Changes in concentration at school and in play
  • A change in sleep patterns
  • Loss of skills including balance, walking, or potty-training
  • Vomiting


Notify a pediatrician immediately if you notice any unusual changes in your child’s behavior.


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