What to do if Your Loved One is Fatally Hurt on the Job


Workplace injuries are typically not our first thought when we head into the office for the day. However, these instances do occur and there are certain guidelines you should take when it does. If you, or someone you love, is injured on the job you will need to take the proper steps written below in order to ensure you are properly cared for.

Medical Treatment

First things first, medical treatment should be received as soon as possible. The individual who treats you must be authorized by the Workers’ Compensation Board, unless it is in an emergency situation. You can find a list of authorized Health Care Providers in your area by calling 1-800-781-2362. This is vital because it helps to ensure that the received medical services are paid for by the employee, or the employee’s insurance company if there is ever a dispute.


Notify The Employer

In the case of an accident, the employer must be notified as soon as possible. If an injured employee fails to inform their employer in writing within 30 days after the date of the accident, they may lost the right to workers’ compensation benefits. Under the circumstance of an occupational disease, notification should be given to the employer within two years after disablement, or within two years after you have found out that the disease was work-related.


Workers’ Compensation

Following receiving medical treatment and notifying the employee, a workers’ compensation claim will need to be filed. This will be a Form C-3 and it will need to be mailed to your nearest Workers’ Compensation Board. If your claim is not filed within two years from the date of the injury or disablement from occupational disease, you could risk the your right to receiving workers’ compensation benefits.


Following the accident, it is vital to follow all of the doctor’s instructions to ensure your loved one recovers as quickly as possible. If it is required, they should attend an independent medical examination. This is not always required, but could be beneficial. It is also important to return to work as soon as you are able. Don’t prolong returning to work longer than needed, but also don’t rush going back before the body has fully healed. If you have any other questions regarding the circumstance of your loved one being fatally hurt on the job, Bruce Edwards Attorney is here to help. We want you to receive the best care and help possible.


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