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Knee and Leg Injuries

Knee and Leg Injuries

Leg & Knee Injuries in Douglas, Georgia, and Surrounding Areas

Injury From Car Accident

Injuring your leg or knee while working is an immediate cause for concern. Leg and knee injuries can frequently cause severe pain and limit your mobility. Your recovery from a knee injury will be jeopardized without timely treatment. Bruce Edwards’’ priority is to ensure that injured workers receive prompt medical attention by an orthopedic specialist that will accurately diagnose and treat your leg and knee injuries. If you are unable to work due to a leg or knee injury, Bruce will make sure you receive the weekly income benefits you are entitled to for as long as you are unable to work. Towards the end of your treatment, Bruce will obtain a permanent impairment rating from your treating physician.

Bruce understands firsthand the importance of physical therapy and the role it plays in a successfully recovering from a leg and knee injuries. The key to regaining function and range of motion in your leg and knee after an injury is intense physical therapy. Bruce will ensure that the workers’ compensation carrier authorizes your physical therapy visits so that no time is lost in the recovery process. If you have suffered an injury at work, trust your case to Bruce Edwards and his dedicated staff.

The most common types of leg and knee injuries that we help clients address are:

Knee Injury
  • Meniscus, ACL tears, and PCL tears
  • Total knee replacements
  • Tibia fractures
  • Fibula fractures

With over 31 years of experience in representing injured workers, Bruce is dedicated to helping his clients understand their rights under the Georgia workers’ compensation system. As your attorney, he will stand beside you and guide you throughout the process.

Remember, it is a mistake to hire a far-away attorney who does not know, and is not familiar with the most important aspect of your case: who is your doctor? For 31 years, Bruce has worked with (and against, if necessary) virtually every orthopedic and neurosurgeon practicing from Macon to Valdosta, from Brunswick to Columbus. So you should not hire an attorney who is located far away, where they could not possibly have a relationship with your doctor. If you were hurt in South Georgia, you should retain a South Georgia attorney.

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At the Law Office of Bruce Edwards, P.C., Bruce has represented seriously injured workers for over 31 years. His ethical, effective and aggressive methods in representing his clients have made him one of the most respected workers’ compensation attorneys in Georgia.

Our Clients Say:

  • “Even when the insurance company would not provide authorization for my medications or medical care, Mr. Edwards would not hesitate to request a hearing to obtain the authorization I needed.” – A.S.

  • “No one wants to get injured or go through a workers’ compensation claim; however, if you have a great attorney as Mr. Edwards, it will not seem as bad as it is.” – W.D.

  • “Once I hired Mr. Edwards, he filed a change of physician to get me to a new doctor. My new doctor performed corrective shoulder surgery and my shoulder improved tremendously.” – G.R.

  • “Thank you Bruce for helping me obtain the settlement that I deserved in my case. You fought hard with the insurance company and would not allow them to `low ball’ me.” – W.M.

  • “Once I had the surgeries I needed, Mr. Edwards negotiated an acceptable and realistic settlement. My family and I were very satisfied with Mr. Edwards’ representation.” – M.B.

  • “Even though I will never be 100%, the physicians he chose for me did an excellent job and I am feeling a lot better. Mr. Edwards knew exactly which physicians would look out for me and not the insurance company.” – R.P.

  • “I have recommended Mr. Edwards to many of my friends who have been injured working after he represented me in my workers’ compensation claim. He has always been upfront and sincere with his legal advice.” – A.M.

  • “I could not have hired a better attorney than Bruce Edwards. When I suffered a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder, bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome and a disc herniation in my low back, Mr. Edwards was there for me.” – F.M.

  • “Bruce is a fantastic attorney. Without him I would not have been aware of `my rights’ as an injured worker. He and his staff gave me a great experience during a bad situation. Thank you Bruce for helping me get the compensation I was entitled to.” – A.T.

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