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The Largest Workers’ Compensation Settlement in Georgia’s History, obtained by
Bruce Edwards Attorney at Law!

Settlement of $6,370,000

A young man electrocuted while working on power lines. His injuries required him to undergo bilateral arm amputation.

Settlement of $1,200,000

A 34-year-old construction worker fell from a scaffold injuring his neck, back, left arm, right arm,
right wrist and pelvis.

Federal Court Jury Verdict of $280,000

Motor-vehicle truck accident – herniated disc.

Settlement of $600,000

Sheriff’s Deputy awarded for Truckers Negligence

Settlement of $800,000

Pedestrian awarded for Truckers Negligence

Settlement of $500,000

Truck Driver Mediates for amount against Coffee County

Settlement of $2,100,000

Burn Victim Receives amount against Employer

Settlement of $325,000

Trucking Company Pays Injured Driver

Settlement of $1,400,000

Alma, Georgia Man receives amount for Fall from Bucket Truck

Settlement of $620,000

A 40-year-old worker injured his lower back while working with the school system

Settlement of $225,000

Assembly line worker was leaving work after his shift and had accident on his motorcycle

Settlement of $195,000

A construction worker’s hand became caught between two objects and while forcefully trying to free his hand, he suffered injuries to his left hand, left elbow, left shoulder and neck.

Settlement of $565,000

A roadway construction worker fell from a work truck and had partial blindness and head injuries.

Settlement of $565,000

A nurse slipped on a wet floor at work injuring her neck, back, left knee and left arm.

Settlement of $220,000

A young lady working at Detention Center involved in a work-related automobile accident injuring her left foot and both hands.

Settlement of $340,000

A firefighter diagnosed with bilateral lung disease from smoke / chemical inhalation.

Settlement of $175,000 + funding of MSA

A 34-year-old electrical worker was involved in a work-related automobile accident wherein he suffered injuries to his lower back, hands, right shoulder, removal of spleen, kidney, liver and permanent scarring.

Settlement of $190,000

A manual laborer injured his left arm / elbow

Settlement of $250,000

A truck driver fell from his truck injuring his neck, elbow, and face.

Settlement of $640,000

A sanitation worker stepped on nail while on the job which required an amputation of his left foot.

Settlement of $340,000

A medical office worker was involved on a work-related automobile accident wherein she
injured her neck, head, shoulders, and back.

Settlement of $175,000

50-year-old male with neck injury and re-injured an old back injury.

Settlement of $85,000.00

60-year-old suffered a severe fracture of the hip and leg as a result of a long fall onto a concrete slab.

Settlement of $532,065

Suffered from severe 3rd degree burns over a large portion of his body and suffered from permanently disabling heart dysfunction

Settlement of $242,000

Case designated “Catastrophic.” 53-year-old male injured his left shoulder, right and left hand and back while working

Settlement of $865,000

Rear-ended by an 18-wheeler, multiple injuries

Settlement of $249,000

35-year-old male fell off of a loading dock

Settlement of $175,000

36-year-old severely injured back at work causing multiple disc protrusions

Our Clients Say:

  • “Even when the insurance company would not provide authorization for my medications or medical care, Mr. Edwards would not hesitate to request a hearing to obtain the authorization I needed.” – A.S.

  • “No one wants to get injured or go through a workers’ compensation claim; however, if you have a great attorney as Mr. Edwards, it will not seem as bad as it is.” – W.D.

  • “Once I hired Mr. Edwards, he filed a change of physician to get me to a new doctor. My new doctor performed corrective shoulder surgery and my shoulder improved tremendously.” – G.R.

  • “Thank you Bruce for helping me obtain the settlement that I deserved in my case. You fought hard with the insurance company and would not allow them to `low ball’ me.” – W.M.

  • “Once I had the surgeries I needed, Mr. Edwards negotiated an acceptable and realistic settlement. My family and I were very satisfied with Mr. Edwards’ representation.” – M.B.

  • “Even though I will never be 100%, the physicians he chose for me did an excellent job and I am feeling a lot better. Mr. Edwards knew exactly which physicians would look out for me and not the insurance company.” – R.P.

  • “I have recommended Mr. Edwards to many of my friends who have been injured working after he represented me in my workers’ compensation claim. He has always been upfront and sincere with his legal advice.” – A.M.

  • “I could not have hired a better attorney than Bruce Edwards. When I suffered a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder, bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome and a disc herniation in my low back, Mr. Edwards was there for me.” – F.M.

  • “Bruce is a fantastic attorney. Without him I would not have been aware of `my rights’ as an injured worker. He and his staff gave me a great experience during a bad situation. Thank you Bruce for helping me get the compensation I was entitled to.” – A.T.

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